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Hey there traveler, thanks for checking out my game. I made it during the 97th weekly game jam and the theme was 'Strange Garden'. I didn't have a lot of time, but i tried my best and came up with this little game where you plant robots to defend your score plants from the all destroying... spinning rectangles.. ahh so scary!
The game lacks a lot in content which i wanted to add but ran out of time, and also the graphics and most importantly it really, really lacks music and sounds. I'm really sorry about that, but i still hope you can enjoy the game for what it is right now.

To get as many points from growing score plants, before you run out of bullets

When you start growing the score plants, the scary rectangles appear and try to destroy them, so you have to destroy the rectangles first by shooting your trusty shotgun at them. You can also grow robot plants that create small robot friends who help you destroy the evil rectangles.

wasd - move; 
mouse wheel - switch tools (shotgun, hoe); 
r - reload; 
shift - dash; 
1 - robotseeds; 
2 - scoresseds; 

[with hoe]
right mouse click - prepare dirt(be aweare if you dont plant anything quikc youll have to prepare it again)
middle mouse click - plant a seed on prepared dirt;

[with shotgun]
left mouse click - shoot;


220Bullets.zip 2 MB

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